Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?​

Silver Crown Homecare

Deep down we believe that we all really want to make a difference. We feel that families are important and caring for them is critical. For us family is what holds us together and we want to help those families who are unable to provide the care they desire for family members. There are very few family farms where the children move in next door and run the farm and care for their parents. Instead, family gets stretched out all over the country because of jobs, spouses, military service or other circumstances.
We believe that the location where most people do best is the place where they are comfortable and can live with safety and dignity. That place is generally in their long-time home. All their possessions and memories are there. This is their anchor. Of course, there is a time when this is no longer possible and there are other facilities to help with that. But often, especially to begin with, they just need a little help.
We are committed to helping our clients with the daily needs that allow them to stay in the place they love best and provide a safe and dignified environment. We do all the things you would do if you could be there. Let us help you.
We focus on hiring local caregivers because that provides the best service. We want people here to provide service in these communities. These are the clients we are caring for, right in their neighborhoods. How can we help you?
We want you to be pleased with your service. If you are not satisfied with our services within the first 2 days of start, we will change your caregiver or your schedule to make it right or you don’t have to pay. You need to be happy with the service you receive. There is no contract required to start services, only a service agreement so we understand what needs to be done

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Our goal is to preserve and improve the quality of life for our client and their families with caring services that assist in daily living.

Let’s start talking about helping them continue living in safety, security and dignity in the privacy of their own home.

Over 780 Clients helped with 12 years of Experience

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